why we choose to make to order

Since 1999 we've chosen to adopt a slower approach to fashion by using high-quality, sustainably sourced materials and producing no more than we need. All of our garments are produced in-house in our Bali studio and are made by our team of highly skilled local artisans upon purchase. We adhere to the highest standards of quality, and support ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices.

The Jorvee collection is made from a 90% Viscose + 10% Spandex mix. Viscose (commonly referred to as Rayon) is derived from the ‘cellulose’ or wood pulp from fast-growing, regenerative trees such as eucalyptus, beech and pine, as well as plants such as bamboo, soy, and sugar cane, which is then spun into fibres that can then be made into threads.

It’s a wonderfully versatile fabric, because it’s absorbent and breathable. It also has a beautiful hand-feel, not unlike silk. It’s smooth and comfortable and hard wearing. You can throw it in the wash and hang it out to dry and although it feels like it’s lost its softness and beautiful texture when wet, it dries to the same silky finish every time!

how the process works

Step 1: Your order is placed, processed and scheduled for production.
Step 2: Your fabric and materials are checked and then cut to your style and size.
Step 3: Your cut fabric is then allocated to one of our talented seamstresses for sewing.
Step 4: The finishing touches (such as accessories and labels) are added to your garments.
Step 5: Your garments are inspected to ensure they meet our quality control standards.
Step 6:  Your garments are packaged and wrapped, ready to dispatch from our Bali Studio.
Step 7: You will then be provided with shipping confirmation. All orders are allocated a Tracked Shipping Number.