turtle conservation and education center, serangan, bali

We've pledged our support, in our own small way, to this incredible volunteer organisation that is trying to re-educate local fishermen, villagers, and manufacturers with regard to the conservational preservation of this highly endangered species.

A percentage of your purchase is donated to the TCEC on a monthly basis, which goes toward eradicating black market trading and the consumption of turtle products (religious purposes or otherwise). 

The Center also directly helps to protect this highly endangered species, by hosting injured animals, collecting nests from tourist beaches and buying eggs from locals (preventing them from being consumed).

The eggs are bred at the Center and the hatchlings are raised for about one month and then released back into their natural environment. Out of the seven global sea turtle species, six of which are native to Indonesia, three are kept and raised at the Center:

hawksbill turtle

Hawksbills are considered critically endangered; they are often illegally hunted for their shells as they have beautiful brown and yellow carapace plates that are manufactured into tortoiseshell items for jewelry and ornaments.

olive ridley turtle

Their vulnerable status comes from the fact that they nest in a very small number of places, and therefore any disturbance to even one nest beach could have huge repercussions on the entire population. 

green turtle

The green turtle is one of the largest sea turtles and the only herbivore among the different species.

an extraordinary place to visit

Now that travel restrictions are finally easing, Bali will no doubt be high on the holiday list! Next time you visit this incredible island, we highly recommend dropping by the turtle conservation and education center in southern Bali. The team are dedicated to turtle conservation and rehabilitation, and have a wonderfully inspirational collection of baby, juvenile, and adult turtles for you to enjoy!